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The advantage of the presented method, in addition to high product quality is relatively low cost, through the use of innovative ways of processing their own copyright. Currently existing methods involve application of heat, freezing, liquid nitrogen, alcohol, etc., That the detrimental effect on the basic active substances fungi (triterpenes and polysaccharides), herbs and plants (flavonoids, tannins, saponins, etc.). The author's method is not only to preserve but also to concentrate the nutrients of raw materials per unit weight of the final product.

For the purity of the experiment in all three cases, the same type used materials with the same initial content of polysaccharides and the initial temperature of 15 ° C.

When deep-frozen (sublimation) polysaccharide content decreased, but by the end of the final moisture removal rate relative to the weight of the unit of account increased.

When drying the classical method (hot air), the result is a usual food product practically free of polysaccharides having no therapeutic effect.

When using the author's method of rapid removal of moisture at a relatively low temperature leads to a sharp increase in the content of polysaccharides in the weight of the unit of account of the final product.
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