Commerce and Production Association Eco Cube aiming to enter the markets of Europe, Asia and other offers interested individuals and organizations to conduct joint marketing research and desire to speak in the role of a commercial agent for promoting and selling a unique product - dietary supplements of the highest medicinal mushrooms and their retail combinations (in recipe of the customer) products are made using a unique proprietary authoring technology in Russia and Ukraine. technology can save up to 89% of the active ingredients and natural structural connections .If necessary products wakes stratified according country.  More→
The advantage of the presented method, in addition to high product quality is relatively low cost, through the use of innovative ways of processing their own copyright. Currently existing methods involve application of heat, freezing, liquid nitrogen, alcohol, etc., That the detrimental effect on the basic active substances fungi (triterpenes and polysaccharides), herbs and plants (flavonoids, tannins, saponins, etc.). The author's method is not only to preserve but also to concentrate the nutrients of raw materials per unit weight of the final product.  More→

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